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  • Night Club & Special Event Security Certification
  • Hotel and Restaurant Security Certification
  • Guard Cards
  • Customer Service Security Certification
  • CPR and First Aid Training
With every passing day the security profession becomes more demanding in the hiring process.

No longer is the security business considered a "Job that you take when you can't find anything else to do." Most of the high end security needs, such as the four and five star luxury hotels, insist on extensive training or experience. Even an experienced security guard with several years of experience is required to have training in all phases of hotel security.

In this, and other high end venues it is necessary to have thinking, intelligent, trained personnel on site. As a result, the pay scale is increasing. Naturally, the need for men and women who are thoroughly trained create a higher standard in the industry and consequently a higher rate of pay.

California Security Institute, Inc. is known and respected for excellence in specialty hotel security training in California. Our instructors are drawn from the luxury hotel industry, and hold full time positions in those hotels as Security Directors, Supervisors, and seasoned officers. Their experience will be passed on to you and give you the training and certification you need to secure and maintain a prestigious position in a luxury hotel.

At California Security Institute, we go "the extra mile" to be certain that we are only certifying the very best professional security officers in the industry.

When we put a student through our program, we don't just hand him or her a certificate and send them out into the workplace. If at any time, in the future, that graduate feels unsure about any of the modules covered in our course, we ask that they come back and repeat that module, or the entire course, to be confident that it is learned, at no additional cost to the student

We also work closely with the Security Directors, building managers and owners, and others who hire our graduates. In this way, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry to assure that their needs are met. We are open to the suggestions of those who hire our graduates, so as to "fine tune" our program to assure that they will be hiring the "best of the best."

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